Prepaid Funeral Plans Is A Must

We all plan for nearly every major Event In our life; from having children to going to college, getting married and shaping your career. The one thing that often goes unplanned, is the one inevitable event: Our Funeral.

Contemplating one’s own mortality is an unpleasant concept. This is perhaps why the subject gets brushed to the side and left for tomorrow. However, when looking at all the details that go into planning a funeral, one can see why planning in advance is not only beneficial to oneself but, also, to the loved ones left behind.

Consider some of the aspects involved. According to funeral directors, some of the details to contemplate are your final wishes, the type of service you want, whether you’ll be buried, entombed or cremated, what type of urn, casket or vault you want, and where the service will be. Even small details, such as what prayer card you would like, need to be factored in. It can be a daunting and overwhelming task, especially when attempting to plan a funeral and burial while mourning the death of a family member or friend.

Having A Prepaid Funeral Plan is one of the most important things you can do for your family
This is why pre-planning is such an important matter. The funeral process is much easier for not only yourself but also for the loved ones you leave behind when you think ahead.

Pre-planning, according to our clients, allows for the family to make decisions that are well thought out without the pressure of immediacy.

It alleviates a lot of the stress. Your family members walk in and they’re not trying to think of all the details. It’s already been decided. The only decision they have to make is what date and time they want the service. A  funeral plan gives the family the opportunity to start the mourning process, knowing that 95 percent of their loved one’s wishes are taken care of.

We suggest that if you want a funeral plan to talk about it with your family and loved ones so they understand what you are doing  “It’s better to have two minds working on it than one,”  Having someone else present at the time pre-arrangements are being made also helps ensure someone is aware of your final wishes and arrangements.

Having someone else present at the time pre-arrangements are being made also helps ensure someone is aware of your final wishes and arrangements. When making pre-arrangements, have parents talk to their families about their decision. Communication is key.

Some may feel that if they pre-arrange a funeral, they’re stuck with their decisions, but the person taking out the plan can tailor it to whatever they need and you are always welcome to call and make changes.

“When you take out a prepaid funeral plan in advance, it’s not as emotional. You’re thinking clearly, and you have time to go back and change your decisions. Sometimes you make more rational decisions,”
People who plan their funerals can include all of the details, such as what songs should be played and which pictures should be displayed, she said. A person can plan their funeral without paying for it in advance.

A prepaid funeral plan gives peace of mind.
You are planning what you want and paying for what you want, not leaving a financial burden on family members.
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While preplanning a funeral is not a pleasant thought, it can potentially save loved ones added grief and stress, at a time when emotions are already high. It is a way to ensure you’re fully informed of your options and make rational decisions that will best fulfill your wishes or best honor your family member.  We want to make sure people have a full understanding of everything. I would say that pretty much 100 percent of families say that they were so glad they did

We want to make sure people have a full understanding of everything. I would say that pretty much 100 percent of families say that they were so glad they did it and that everything was made easier.”

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Planning your funeral should be a priority and to prove why here are a few reasons.......


Having a Prepaid Funeral Plan used to be Rare a Decade ago, However, due to the ballooning costs of a funeral Tens of Thousands of people across the UK are Rushing To Lock in the cost of your funeral at Todays Price, in the process safeguarding there selves and their families from the Burdens of a Funeral Costs.

You can save your Family and Loved Ones Hundreds If Not Thousands of Pounds In Funeral Costs by only paying Todays Prices. On average funeral costs go up around  10-13% a year. So why would you want your family and loved ones to pay more or lose money out of your Estate? 



A funeral Plan, unlike Life insurance, won't be affected by Any sorts f Taxes so the inheritance you leave your loved ones won't be affected by it.

All of our Plans are Fully Guaranteed so you will never have to pay any more than what you pay when you take out your plan however far into the future you use your plan.It Makes Sense to have a Plan In Place.

We spend months planning weddings but we should be spending just as long strategising our final day on earth. Brits just don’t deal with the issue of death very well; stiff upper lip and all that.

But like any other event, we plan from a Birthday to a Wedding the one we all overlook and often costs as much as if not more than any of these events in our lives.

 I used to think it was morbid thinking about these things before I started working in this industry but from day one I could see the true benefits Plans can have not just for your self as peace of mind but the massive effect it will have on your family and loved ones, the biggest being the Financial burden it leaves them with even after you have gone at already stressful time.

So why not make a plan that includes all the little things you would want like your favourite music, the flowers you want, where you want it, how I want my gravestone to look, what I want my guests to wear, and more. I even know the people in my life that I’d like to speak and who I don’t!

A funeral Plan is your way of preparing for your last day on earth and you can now plan it the way you want just like you would any other important day.  The main advantage of a Funeral Plan is Fixing your costs at today's price. Saving your loved ones Thousands if not Tens Of thousands of Pounds. 

If you think the cost of Dying has gone up a staggering 86% in a Decade and 13.9% Rise in the last year alone. We all say we don't want to waste money, but by not having a funeral plan in place and fixing it at today's price is what all of us are doing by not having a funeral plan in place. 


We are a family run business run by family members for families across the United Kingdom. When we set up we wanted to bring the best of whats on the market to everyone we could and after speaking with all of the major providers on the market we dwindled it down to a handful of the best and they are the best, the best value for money the best overall deals and guaranteed  never to go up in price however far into the future you need to use the plan.

Talk to one of our advisors who can talk you through the whole process step by step.

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