In its guidance about what to do after someone dies, the government website highlights a funeral plan as the financial arrangement that was made by the deceased to pay for his or her funeral.

Simplicity and reassurance

Funeral plans have many attractions and one of the principals of these is the sheer simplicity of the idea. Instead of leaving decisions to grieving relatives and friends about the type of final send-off you might want, a funeral plan gives you the opportunity to sit down and set out every detail in advance. So you can plan the day step by step just like you would plan any other day.

Your funeral plan becomes just that – your own plan for the way in which you intend your funeral to be conducted when that time finally comes around. Relatives and friends already know how you want that ceremony to be held, so are saved the agonizing guess-work about what might be the most fitting and suitable, making sure that all the little details are planned out which will be a great help to your family and loved ones at an already stressful time.

But prepaid funeral plans also provide a considerable element of reassurance when it comes to paying for whatever funeral arrangements you might have chosen.

Protect your loved ones from rising funeral costs

The price of a funeral, like everything else keeps going up and has almost doubled in the last decade. Back in 2014, an average funeral cost £3,609.

According to research by Mintel Consulting,  the average price of a funeral will reach £5,420 by 2021. That’s a rise of almost £2,000 in just seven years.

Buying a fully guaranteed Funeral Plan helps you beat rising costs by paying today’s price and protects loved ones from any additional expense for the services included in the Plan.

Unlike some funeral plan providers, we promise to cover all the costs of all of the services included in your chosen burial or cremation Plan, so once the Plan is paid for you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will have no additional hidden costs when the time comes.

Since you have taken the opportunity of paying for these arrangements in advance, you may be reassured that your surviving loved ones are also relieved of the lion’s share of any financial burden – you have already paid for the most part of your funeral costs, although your relatives and friends still have the option of contributing to the expense of optional extras, such as floral tributes, the cost of a headstone, or reception arrangements, for example.

We offer a Fully Guaranteed  Prepaid Funeral plan That Guarantees that however far into the future your plan is used the price you pay at the start is all you will ever pay. Unlike so many plans on the market that leave an aspect of burden still on your family as they are not guaranteed plans and do not Guarantee to pay all of the service costs such as all of the funeral director fees and most importantly the Third party fees such as crematorium costs, doctors fees etc.

We have recently been asked this question a lot just lately, that a particular company is offering a better-priced plan! But those plans will not Guarantee to cover all of the costs set out in that plan so in years to come your family and loved ones will have to add to it to cover the costs which defeats the whole object of the plan.

Still further reassurance may be given by the fact that the price you pay now holds good until you die and the funeral director’s services are needed. By paying at today’s prices, you avoid the inevitable increases that have been widely reported and forecast for the future. On average prices are rising ahead of inflation and in some areas of the country rising up to 18% in one year so no wonder UK residents are Buying Funeral Plans In Record Numbers 

Is your money really safe?

Whenever you pay for any goods or services in advance, you might have some cause for concern. What if the supplier you have paid – in this case, a funeral director, for example – has gone out of business in the meantime?

When you choose a reputable national provider of funeral plans, however, you are almost certain to find that they are a provider registered by the Funeral Planning Authority– the industry’s regulatory body, which maintains a strict code of practice to which its members must adhere.

One of the fundamental requirements, for example, is that the prepayment you make for your chosen funeral plan is not held by the funeral plan provider, but is kept at a safe and independent arm’s length, by way of a trust fund which is managed and run by a completely Independent Board of Trustees and National Bank, A solicitors Firm and A Leading Fund Management Company,  which only pays out upon your death an amount equal to that required to cover the costs of the funeral plan you have arranged.

In this way, such a provider is able to guarantee that the funeral director’s services for which you have paid in advance are delivered just as you intended, even when your death comes many years down the road.

This, in a nutshell, is the simplicity, reassurance, and security offered by funeral plans, leaving your family and loved ones without any financial burdens and most of all the worry of getting it right.

We at Prepaid Funeral Plans UK only work with the Best Of The Best when it Comes to the service we want to provide to our customers. So we only offer the Best Funeral Plans on The Market, The Best Value For Money, The Best Service and Most Of all A Guaranteed Funeral Plan As nothing else will do.

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