Do You Want To Pay For Your Funeral Plan With Bitcoin?

Leading the way with Bitcoin Payment Plans

As many people adopt BitCoin its time we all caught up and be the first in the UK to offer a Prepaid Funeral Plan that you cxan pay for with Bitcoin.

The move is a first in the funeral industry as Pride Planning looks at ways to innovate for its customers.

BitCoin is a ‘cryptocurrency’ – a form of digital currency that is created and held electronically. Only 21 million will ever be created.

Customers will be offered the option to pay with BitCoin 

Mike Noblett, CEO at Pride Planning, said: “We are living in a digital age with new digital currencies and ways to pay.

“We want to be innovators in funeral planning and ways to pay – BitCoin is a fast and secure payment method with an ever accelerating value.”

Pride Planning, based in Stockport town centre, recently announced a turnover of £2.6m in their second year and are on track for £6-7m for 2017/18.

It offers a variety of pre-planned funeral packages and payment plans.

“Pride Planning has a variety of pre-paid funeral plans available which vary in price based on requirements and budget.”

Customers also benefit from the Pride Discount Club and can get money-off offers from a number of retailers including Apple, Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer.

Pride Planning is our main provider of Funeral Plans and we as do our customers that they offer the best Prepaid Funeral Plans on the Market to date and with them now accepting Bitcoin they lead the way forward again in the industry.

If you want tge best funeral plan on the market period look no further than First Choice Funeral Plans who Offer Pride Planning Prepaid Funeral Plans.


Simply give one of the team a call on 0161 4394721 and let us find the best Funeral Plan for You 


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