The reasons Why you need a Prepaid Funeral Plan

If you are Looking to plan your own funeral? This is how much it will set you back If you Dont Have a Prepaid Funeral Plan In Place

It’s not something we think about, but it really should be as the costs are ever rising and if you want to protect your family and loved ones from any financial worries and burdens it’s something we all need to do.

Unfortunately, that cost is only on the rise.

According to Sun Life’s Cost of Dying report, the total in 2017 was £8,905 – having almost doubled in a decade.

That figure includes the average cost of a basic funeral, the send off, and the hiring of a professional to administer the estate of the deceased.

On average  it currently costs around £1,885 for a burial plot, or £737 to be cremated

However, the extras can add up.

For example, Sun Life estimate that these are the average costs for funeral extras:

  • Memorial – £782
  • Catering – £348
  • Limo Hire – £235
  • Flowers – £150
  • Venue Hire – £214
  • Death Notice – £63
  • Funeral Notice – £62
  • Order Sheets/Service Cards – £73

In addition, the price of a coffin can range from £100 to a staggering £10,000.

Some of these costs would be covered if you opted to hire a funeral director but you will be paying the costs of that day not fixing the price at today’s prices.

The average funeral director fee is £2,491, and covers the cost of the coffin, hearse, collection and care of the deceased plus the funeral director’s professional guidance.

The average cost of a basic funeral in the West Midlands is £4,133, slightly higher than the national average of £4,078, if you live inthe south east of the country that price is even higher.


Why do funeral costs rise?

In the past decade, funeral costs have risen higher than petrol prices, weekly wages and even house prices.

There are, however, a number of reasons behind this:

  • Cuts to local authority budgets
  • Wage increases for crematorium staff and grave diggers
  • Rising fuel prices
  • Lack of space for new graves
  • Increase in cost of land for burial sites
  • Shortage of woodland burial sites

What Can you do to protect yourself and your family?


We offer without a doubt the best Funeral Plans on the market. Which will help resolve all of the problems mentioned above by fixing the costs at today’s prices so no matter how far into the future the plan is used that is all you will pay for the plan you have selected saving your family and loved ones from any finaicial worries and any financial burdens.

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