Do you Get A Funeral Plan Now Or Dig Deep In Years To Come?

The major cost for most people is hiring a funeral director when it comes to a funeral. These are the firms that arrange the funeral, store the body of the deceased, deal with paperwork and arrange the coffin and hearse etc. But In the past year, the price of cremation has increased on average by 4.8%, while burial costs are up by 4.9%. More than 50 crematoriums across the UK raised their prices by more than 5%, and a handful by more than 20%. These figures have to be laboriously gathered from local councils and private companies as they are under no obligation to report price rises. 

So One of the simplest things you can do to Save money is to buy a prepaid Funeral Plan Now That Locks in the price Of a Funeral At today’s Price. The greatest cost incurred is the professional service fee, which covers the funeral director liaising with third parties, picking up the body within working hours, refrigeration, preparation of body, cleaning, washing, dressing, driving from the funeral home via the home of the deceased to the crematorium or cemetery, and the hiring of pallbearers. Then you have Third Party Fees Such as Crematorium, Doctors and Minister fees among others. So on average you are looking at cost of close to £4000 and Even More in some parts of the Country and that’s at today’s prices.

The Biggest problem has been people do not shop around and think it’s rude to ask for a Discount that’s where a  funeral plan comes into its own. A Guaranteed funeral  Plan locks in the whole cost of your funeral at today’s Price so that’s the professional fees and Thirds party costs included.  Pre-paid funeral plans are one way to go, locking in today’s prices to ensure your family doesn’t have to dig deep to cover the shortfall. The big attraction is that acceptance is guaranteed and health and medical histories are not taken into account. Plans typically cost from £2,000 up to £4,000 depending on the package you choose Many will allow you to add personal touches such as favourite readings, newspaper notices, stationery for the funeral and flowers. Payment is flexible so you can usually make a one-off payment now, or pay in monthly installments for up to 10 years so in comparison to other options on the market such as over 50’s plans and Life Insurance pre-paid funeral plans are a cost-effective measure as consumers can freeze costs at today’s prices and are paid in line with the inflation rate.

Ultimately, they provide peace of mind that loved ones are protected against the added stress, expense and worry of funeral planning.

So you don’t have to Dig Deep in Years to come if you plan properly now with a Funeral Plan

Ask your self why are UK Residents Buying Prepaid Funeral Plans in Record Numbers?
Having a Prepaid used to be Rare a Decade ago, However, due to the ballooning costs of a funeral Tens of Thousands of people across the UK are Rushing To Lock in the cost of there funeral at Todays Price, in the process safeguarding there selves and their families from the Burdens of a Funeral Costs.

You can save your Family and Loved Ones Hundreds If Not Thousands of Pounds In Funeral Costs by only paying Todays Prices. 

Find Out Why A Funeral Plan Is such A Good Idea

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