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Find Out Why A Funeral Plan Is Such A Good Idea

What is a Funeral Plan?

What Is A Funeral Plan? A funeral plan is a simple and straightforward product which takes away your worries and cares about one of those inevitable events which few of us really like to talk about – your funeral.   Funeral plans A funeral plan is just that – your...

Writing a Eulogy

If you have been asked to write and give a loved one’s eulogy a speech honouring their life at a funeral or memorial service, you probably have mixed emotions about it.   A speech at a funeral is known as a eulogy. It’s a way to say goodbye and let everyone remember...


To dress for a funeral, you are generally expected to wear clothes that conform to accepted funeral etiquette and follow the family’s wishes. Most of the time, family members close to the deceased just want to see that you’ve made the effort. That being said, choose...

Funeral Costs 2017 Cremation and Burial Costs

In the UK, the current average cost of cremation is £753 and the average cost of a burial is £1,792. However, after making Enquires they really averaged out at £2,629 in the year to March 2017. We gather costs for funeral services around the UK and feed them...

What Are Funeral Plans

In its guidance about what to do after someone dies, the government website highlights a funeral plan as the financial arrangement that was made by the deceased to pay for his or her funeral. Simplicity and reassurance Funeral plans have many attractions and one of...

Why A Prepaid Funeral Is Such A Good Idea

Prepaid Funeral Plans Is A Must We all plan for nearly every major Event In our life; from having children to going to college, getting married and shaping your career. The one thing that often goes unplanned, is the one inevitable event: Our Funeral. Contemplating...